The Kibera Music Project

Rob and I returned from another amazing trip to Nairobi, Kenya, in October 2016 to visit the children of Kibera slum who are sponsored by the fantastic Volunteers Foundation.

You may remember that last year we raised funds, thanks to you and many others, to help start a music project for some of the children. We also ran a choir during the visit and put on a show at the end of the week. This year, we were able to see how the children have been getting on with their lessons and run another choir project, culminating in an even bigger show at the end of the week. 45 students are now in the music programme learning either recorder or piano, and so far, it is very successful. Over the coming years, we hope to expand this as much as possible so that many more children can benefit from the joy of learning a musical instrument.

Below are some pictures from our trip. Videos of the recorder players and the final show will be up on my website soon.

Kibera_photo 1 Kibera_photo 2 Kibera_photo 3

At the moment, Volunteers Foundation ( is paying for these students’ school education and music education through fundraising, donations and regular sponsors. If you would like to make a donation towards the cost of this years music books, please visit

Alternatively, if you would be interested in sponsoring a students’ music education, please let us know. The current cost for one year’s music tuition per child is about £40.
Rob and I returned from an amazing trip to Kenya at the end of 2015 and are very excited to be able to share with you what we did whilst over there. Without your support and generous donations of both money and books, we would not have been able to start this project so we want to say a huge thank you.
Volunteers Foundation ( currently supports around 150 children living in Kibera slum through sponsorship of their school fees and ensuring regular meals and health checks. These children have never before had any music education so it was fantastic to be able to launch this project. Over the course of 12 days, we started a choir for all children and put on a concert at the end of the week.


We also started individual piano and recorder lessons for 22 children. They each had 1-2 lessons with us and these lessons will now continue with a local music teacher who we met whilst there. These lessons will be fully funded by Volunteers Foundation. Rob and I will be regularly skyping with the music teacher to check on their progress and will also aim to hear the children play every term.

Some of the money you helped us raise has been used to buy music and recorders but most of it is being saved to buy a good upright piano or clavinova in the very near future – the charity is just working through the practicalities of where such a piano could go as the children are spread between a few different schools. We will keep you updated on this.
Thank you so so much once again for your support. If you are interested in continuing your support for this project in any way, then please let us know.